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Sourcing The Best Japanese Wagyu

“The ethos of everything we do at RPM Steak is that we want the best product, and we will stop at nothing to find the best product, whether that means traveling to Japan to find beef that’s particularly special, or seek out the best dry-aged beef in the country and the highest grade cuts all throughout the world,” -Executive Chef Partner Bob Broskey

Last October, Executive Chef Partner Bob Broskey received an exclusive invitation from the Japanese government to tour Japan’s prized wagyu farms and processing centers, known for producing the most coveted beef in the world. Accompanied by our purveyors at Consumers Packing Company, the RPM team set out on the journey to find the best Japan has to offer. These invaluable trips provide Chef Broskey with the chance to connect and build relationships with farmers, which is crucial for successfully sourcing the finest quality ingredients and creating unique experiences for RPM guests. Although uncertain about what Chef Bob would uncover, the trip unveiled some of the most exclusive additions to RPM Steak’s Japanese wagyu program.

The journey began in the Miyazaki prefecture, stretching across the country to the rural landscapes of Aomori and Miyagi prefectures.

The first stop in Miyazaki provided an exclusive glimpse into the Nanchiku processing plant, a facility highly sought after by farms throughout Japan for beef processing. Nanchiku is renowned for its precision cuts, and RPM Steak benefits from receiving a variety of expertly crafted cuts from this esteemed establishment.

Following the Nanchiku visit, Chef Broskey and the team took a flight to Misawa on the other side of the country, initiating a day of bullet trains and rental cars that eventually led them to Kaneko Farm. Here, Chef was truly impressed by the farm’s size, the local ecosystem, and the meticulous care given to each cattle head to produce Namiki beef. Despite being a relatively small, family-owned operation with only 1,100 cattle raised for top-grade beef, Kaneko Farm stands out for feeding its livestock high-quality corn and canola grown on-site. These elements converge to create an extraordinary wagyu, offering a clean, almost sweet, yet rich flavor that begins to melt at room temperature. Thanks to Chef Bob’s visit, RPM Steak will proudly become the first restaurant in the U.S. to feature Namiki wagyu on its menu.

After another bullet train journey, Chef arrived in Sendai, located in the Miyagi prefecture, where Kawaguchi Farms houses approximately 700 cattle raised for over 30 months. Sendai wagyu stands out with the strictest grading criteria among Japan’s wagyu brands, showcasing an exceptional balance of marbling and meat quality that is unparalleled. Among the 24 wagyu farms in Miyagi, only two, including Kawaguchi Farms, earn the coveted label of ‘Sendai Beef.’ The beef from Kawaguchi Farms reflects Miyagi’s abundant natural resources, with its distinctive flavor attributed to the cattle’s diet of top-grade rice straw sourced from the renowned rice cultivated in the pristine waters of Lake Izunuma, located adjacent to the farm. RPM Steak takes great pride in being the exclusive destination in Chicago where you can savor the unique experience of enjoying Sendai Beef from Kawaguchi Farm.

These two RPM Steak exclusive luxurious menu additions are available now, priced per ounce.

Sendai Wagyu from Kawaguchi Farm ($42 per ounce, two-ounce minimum)
Namiki Wagyu from Kaneko Farm ($62 per ounce, two-ounce minimum).

Additionally, exclusively for the month of February, Chef Broskey will be offering special preparations of the incredible Sendai Beef:

Tartare | Single Estate Olive Oil, Shallot, Chive – $39 
* Add a caviar supplement $75

Robata | Honey Soy Glaze, Scallion – $55 
*2 skewers per order, add additional skewers for $27

Ishiyaki | Dark Soy, Egg Yolk, Hot Stone – $62 

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