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WasteNot Compost at RPM Restaurants in Chicago

RPM Goes Green

RPM Restaurants is proud to share that starting last year, the Chicagoland RPM locations, including RPM Seafood, RPM Steak, RPM Italian, and Pizzeria Portofino, have implemented composting programs in collaboration with WasteNot Compost. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainability and tangible steps to minimize our environmental footprint and make a positive impact on our community.

WasteNot Compost at RPM Restaurants in Chicago

Partnering with WasteNot allows RPM Restaurants to compost nearly all waste generated in the restaurants, from cardboard to food waste. By transitioning to using only glass bottles for water and liquor, we’re ensuring recyclability and reducing our reliance on single-use plastics. These efforts are not only environmentally conscious but also reflect our dedication to responsible business practices.

WasteNot understands the unique needs of restaurants, tailoring their composting solutions to meet our specific requirements. Through training sessions and ongoing support, they empower our teams to contribute effectively to waste reduction and recycling initiatives. Utilizing innovative technologies like 100% electric vehicles, WasteNot ensures the proper collection, transportation, and processing of compostable materials, further minimizing our carbon footprint.

WasteNot Compost at RPM Restaurants in Chicago

Since the launch of our composting programs in August of 2023, we’ve achieved significant milestones. We’ve composted over 224,077 pounds of waste, offsetting 10,012 gallons of gasoline equivalent to driving over 222,234 miles. Additionally, we’ve diverted over 130,432 pounds of glass from landfills, saving an additional 207,561 miles of driving emissions.

As we continue to expand our composting efforts, the RPM team is excited to set an example for other restaurants nationwide. Together, we’re proving that small changes can make a big difference in building a greener tomorrow.

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