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Happy Hour in Vegas

When the lights of the Las Vegas strip start to sparkle, there’s no better place to kick off your evening than RPM Italian’s Happy Hour. Located within the The Forum Shops at the iconic Caesar’s […]

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Sommelier Tasting Experience

For food and wine enthusiasts seeking a unique culinary adventure, the RPM Italian Las Vegas and RPM Seafood Sommelier Tasting Experience delivers just that. Embark on a unique culinary adventure with the RPM Sommelier Tasting […]

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Lobster Caprese dish with a glass of wine

Pizza Rossa: A Slice of Tradition

Among the many recipes in Chef Massimo Vicidomini’s culinary repertoire, the Pizza Rossa stands out as a dish deeply rooted in tradition and personal history. Also known as “Marinara,” meaning “Fisherman”, this recipe hails from […]

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Overhead image of a Marinara Pizzette Pizza

Summer Event Trends

At RPM Restaurants, our teams are always looking for new tips & trends that will take your events to the next level. With summer around the corner comes a season filled with gatherings with family […]

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Bright summer patio with white linens hanging.

Sourcing The Best Japanese Wagyu

“The ethos of everything we do at RPM Steak is that we want the best product, and we will stop at nothing to find the best product, whether that means traveling to Japan to find […]

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Chef Bob Broskey walking through wagyu cattle barn in Japan.

Private Parties with RPM Events

By: Samantha Henry and Maggie Berthold

Experience the enchantment of unforgettable events where every detail is meticulously curated to perfection. From the delectable dishes to the elevated service, no aspect is overlooked when you plan an event with RPM Restaurants at […]

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Food display for a party of assorted bread, fruit, and cheeses on two shelves.

RPM Goes Green

RPM Restaurants is proud to share that starting last year, the Chicagoland RPM locations, including RPM Seafood, RPM Steak, RPM Italian, and Pizzeria Portofino, have implemented composting programs in collaboration with WasteNot Compost. This initiative […]

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WasteNot Compost at RPM Restaurants in Chicago

Ramp Pesto Gnocchi Recipe

Welcome the new spring season with our Ramp Pesto Gnocchi, a fan favorite at RPM. Fresh ramps and pillowy gnocchi come together for a fresh take on Italian classics. Whether it’s for a lively dinner […]

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Ramp Pesto Gnocchi Recipe

Grilling Tips for Father’s Day

At RPM Restaurants, we’re excited to share some exclusive grilling tips from Executive Chef Partner Bob Broskey and Bill Rancic, award-winning tv show personality, entrepreneur, and puts the R in RPM. Here are the tips […]

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Sustainable Sips

In the wine industry, sustainability transcends mere trendiness; it serves as a guiding principle that continuously molds the winemaking terrain. At RPM Restaurants, we embrace this philosophy, diligently selecting and serving wines from vineyards committed […]

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Hand holding glass of red wine.

RPM Spritz & Giggles Recipe

Treat yourself to the delightful Spritz and Giggles, one of RPM’s signature cocktails that has been a fixture on the menu since the opening. This cocktail offers a refreshing twist on the classic Italian spritz. […]

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RPM Spritz & Giggles Recipe

RPM Jalisco Affair Recipe

Experience the Jalisco Affair, a cocktail crafted by Beverage Director, Ben Lieppman, with RPM’s Gran Dovejo Single Barrel. This bottle embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, which is distinguished by its meticulous small-batch […]

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Jalisco Affair Cocktail

RPM Espresso Martini Recipe

The RPM Espresso Martini seamlessly blends the modern and traditional, appealing to both classic and contemporary cocktail enthusiasts. With the infusion of Licor 43, it elevates the experience by accentuating vanilla undertones and introducing a […]

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Espresso Martini

RPM 14K Chocolate Cake Recipe

Beginning in 2014, Andrea Coté made her mark on the Chicago culinary scene. After joining Lettuce Entertain You, she played a pivotal role in the re-concept of the legendary Pump Room as Booth One at […]

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RPM 14K Chocolate Cake

RPM Short Rib Bolognese

Pappardelle, originating in 14th-century Tuscany, are long, flat ribbons of traditionally egg-based pasta, known for their compatibility with rich, intense, and meaty sauces. The large surface area and textured nature of the noodle make them […]

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Fresh hand cut pappardelle pasta ribbons.